1. Administration

    View information on the duties of the city administrator and the city attorney.

  2. Art Center

    View information on exhibits and programs offered by the Muscatine Art Center.

  3. City Administrator

  4. Communications

  5. Community Development

    Find details on permits, fee schedules, zoning ordinances, applications, and forms.

  6. Economic Development

    View available sites and buildings, demographics, and a fact sheet for the City of Muscatine.

  7. Finance & Records

    View information on the City’s budget, pet licensing, permits, liquor licenses, and property tax rates.

  8. Fire & EMS Services

    Find out about the City’s Fire Department and its history and stations.

  9. Human Resources

    Find details on job openings and submitting job applications.

  10. Information Technology

    Learn about the primary mission of the department.

  11. Library

    Read about services and programs offered by the Musser Public Library.

  12. Parking

    View information on parking facilities and payment of tickets.

  13. Parks & Recreation

    View information about recreational facilities and opportunities in the area, including parks, a golf course, and a soccer complex.

  14. Police Department

    Learn about services offered by the City’s Police Department, its history, and department programs.

  15. Public Housing

    View information on the City’s housing assistance programs and housing locations, including Clark House, Hershey Manor, and Sunset Park.

  16. Public Transit

  17. Public Works

    Learn about the City's street maintenance, sewer collection and drainage, and solid waste services.

  18. Recycling Center & Transfer Station

    View information on area recycling opportunities, the compost site, and acceptable household hazardous waste items.

  19. Solid Waste Collection & Disposal

    Review the current refuse collection schedule, rates, and regulations.

  20. Water Pollution Control

    Learn about plant operations, the biosolids application program, and pollution prevention.