Home Inspection

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How fire safe is your home? The best way to find out is to take this list of home fire safety questions and ask all your family members to gather round to study the questions and check for fire hazards.
Some questions may be difficult, but together as a family, you can work out the answers.
If any of the questions asked don’t apply to your home, just cross them off. All the questions listed should be answered “yes.” Each question answered “no” points to a fire hazard. Study the “no” answers and you will have a good picture of the fire hazards in your home. Your family, working together, can then take immediate steps to correct any hazards found. How many of these hazards can you eliminate from your home? One “no” answer is a call for action now.
Yes/No: Do you have at least one (1) lifesaving smoke detector (U.L. approved) in each level of your home?
Yes/No: Are the batteries in your smoke detector(s) in good working condition?
Yes/No: Does everyone in your family know that the emergency telephone number is 9.1.1?
Yes/No: Do you have a plan of escape from your home in case of fire?
Yes/No: Does your family hold fire drills in your home?
Yes/No: When you employ sitters, do you instruct them carefully on what to do in case of fire?
Yes/No: Have you removed all waste, debris, and litter from your garage?
Yes/No: If you store paint, varnish, etc. in the garage, are the containers always tightly closed?
Yes/No: Is there an approved safety can for storing gasoline for lawnmowers, snow blowers, etc?
Yes/No: Do you keep basement, storerooms, and attic free of rubbish, old papers, oily rags, etc?
Yes/No: Are stoves, broilers, and other cooking equipment kept clean and free of grease?
Yes/No: Do you have shutoffs on all equipment using natural gas?
Yes/No: Are all fireplaces equipped with approved metal fire screens or glass fire doors?
Yes/No: Have you provided special circuits for heavy duty appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers etc.?
Yes/No: Are all of your electrical appliances, including irons, mixers, heaters, lamps, fans, radios, television sets, and other devices, approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.?
Yes/No: Do all rooms have an adequate number of outlets to take care of electrical appliances?
Yes/No: Have you done away with all multiple attachment plugs?
Yes/No: Are all flexible electrical extension and lamp cords in your home in the open; none are placed under rugs, over hooks, through partitions of doorways; not frayed or cracked?
Yes/No: Is your heating plant serviced regularly? Motor oiled, burners cleaned, filters changed on a regular basis?
Yes/No: Do you always see that your portable space heater is placed well away from curtains?
Yes/No: Do you store matches away from heat and away from children?
Yes/No: Do you extinguish all matches, cigarettes, and cigar butts carefully before disposing of them?
Yes/No: Are all members of your family instructed not to smoke in bed?
Yes/No: Did your entire family take part in completing this checklist? "