City Officials

Information on the City Council and Mayor
The City of Muscatine is governed by a mayor and 7 City Council members. The mayor serves for a 2-year term and is elected at large by the citizens of Muscatine. Of the 7 councilmembers, 5 are elected from separate wards in the City of Muscatine and 2 are elected at large to represent the entire community (Ward and Precinct Map). The councilmembers are elected for 4-year staggered terms.

Each odd-numbered year, the mayor and council members are elected by the voters.

The names of the City Council/Mayor candidates for the current city election are available at the Muscatine County Auditor's office. You can contact them by email at or by calling 563-263-5821.

Legislative & Policy Forming Powers
All legislative and policy-forming powers of the City are vested in, exercised, and determined by the City Council. The City Council appoints a city administrator to carry out the policies formulated by the council, in addition to other duties prescribed by the City Code.