Muscatine Welcome Center

Welcome Center

Department / Program: Civil and Environmental Engineering

The City of Muscatine is home to award winning soccer facility that has 8 fields covering 41 acres. The Muscatine Soccer Complex is located in the southwest region of the city along with Kent-Stein Park that features 16 baseball / softball fields. These active recreation facilities are a primary draw for players and visitors from outside of Muscatine. To increase the opportunities for people when visiting the facilities and the city in general, the city desires to explore adding a Welcome Center nearby. The Welcome Center will serve as a physical location where people can gather to experience the history of the area, current events and opportunities offered by businesses and organization. As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course of the University of Iowa's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the students had the opportunity to complete a site design for the Center Complex and the structural design of the Welcome Center. The students coordinated with the city in the building design specifications so it is capable of hosting all the desired programs envisioned by interested parties.

Welcome Center Final Report (PDF)