Citizen Participation

Participation Details
At hearings held by council, residents who are directly involved are invited to attend and are urged to express their views on the subject under discussion. Hearings on all matters are always held under public hearings on the agenda.

Citizen Attendance is Welcome
Citizen participation is also invited at all regular meetings. However, experience has shown that routine matters often could be handled faster if taken up directly with the department providing the service.

Appearing Before the Council
Opportunity is provided for citizens to address the council under item number 5 of the agenda. The Rules of Council require that a person address the City Council by giving their name and address before presenting the matter. Citizens may present their matter either verbally or in writing (if in writing, a copy should be furnished to the city clerk). Time allotted is three (3) minutes.

For More Information
If you have any questions or would like to appear on an upcoming agenda, please contact the city clerk's office at 563.264.1550.