Phase 5 West Hill Sewer Separation Project (WHSSP)

Road Closure Diagram October 31, 2022

10-31-22 West Hill Road Closure Diagram (JPG)

Detour Map - April 4, 2022

04-04-22 8th_Lucas_Intersection (JPG)

Update: October 31, 2022

The two primary construction areas are on Lucas Street east of West 8th Street and in the 800-900 blocks of Climer. 

The work on Climer is moving west from High Street with access from Logan continuing to diminish as work progresses. The contractor is planning on stopping short of Logan so that the intersection will remain open during the winter shutdown period.

Limited access is available on Logan from Lucas toward Climer with the Climer intersection currently closed to traffic. Limited access is also available in the alley that extends from Logan toward the ravine and back toward Climer.

The work on Lucas Street will continue to move east up to the curve where Lucas turns into West 4th Street, which is the endpoint of the work on the south end of Lucas. Lucas Street remains closed east of the West 8th Street intersection through the Green Street intersection as underground sewer replacement continues toward West 4th Street. Limited access is allowed on Main, Green, and Lucas past 970 Lucas.

081222 West Hill Lucas Street prepping street for paving (JPG)

Start Date
End Date
Sewer installation 
Lucas (Busch to Green)
Sewer Installation
Climer (West 8th to Logan)
Grading & Paving  Lucas
(Busch to Green)
Grading & Paving  Climer
(West 8th to Logan)
Sewer Installation
Climer (Logan to Lucas)
Waterman installation
Climer (Logan to Lucas)
Grading & Paving Climer
(Logan to Lucas)
Sanitary Sewer Ravine
Hill Street to Logan Street
Sewer Installation
Logan (Climer to Lucas)
Grading & Paving Logan
(Climer to Lucas)
Sewer Installation
Lucas (Logan to Fletcher)
Grading & Paving Lucas
(Logan to Fletcher)
Sewer Installation
Climer and Lucas area including Knott Avenue
Grading & Paving
Climer and Lucas area including Knott Avenue

WHSSSP Phase 5 Project Area

Overall Phase 5 Map (JPG)

Contact Information:

City Engineer:  Pat Lynch  (563) 263-8933

City Project Manager:  Steve Dalby  (563) 299-2888

Contractor:  John Hagerty  (563) 260-3877


Hagerty Earthworks, Inc., was awarded the $6.03 million contract for Phase V of the WHSSP during the April 1 City Council meeting. This phase includes replacing sewers on West 8th Street from Broadway to Lucas, on Climer Street from West 8th Street to Lucas, Logan Street from Lucas to Climer, Lucas Street from 912 Lucas to Fletcher Avenue, and through the ravine between Climer and Lucas.

Street intersection geometry changes planned

Phase 5 of the West Hill Sanitary and Storm Sewer Separation Project will be replacing the remainder of 8th Street along with a portion of Lucas Street during the 2021-2023 construction seasons. During this time, the City of Muscatine plans to correct some street intersection geometry. Below are renderings of some of the proposed changes that will occur during Phase 5.

WHSSP Phase 5 West 8th Street - Broadway to Locust (JPG)
WHSSP Phase 5 West 8th Street and Climer intersection (JPG)
WHSSP Phase 5 West 8th Street and Locust intersection (JPG)
WHSSP Phase 5 Lucas and Climer intersection (JPG)