Outdoor Fireplace Permit Application

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This permit is for the use of outdoor fireplaces designed for burning small quantities of firewood or charcoal for recreational purposes. The burning of leaves, building materials, yard waste, trash, or any liquids or plastic is prohibited. Open burning is permitted only between the hours of 7:00 am and midnight, and must be constantly attended.


•A permit shall be obtained by an adult property owner or tenant who shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of this permit. There is no fee for the permit, is obtained at the Fire Department, and is issued for current calendar year.

• Burning shall not be conducted within 10 feet of any structure or other combustible material. Outdoor fireplaces may not be used on combustible decks or porches. Conditions that could allow the fire to spread beyond the outdoor fireplace shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

• A hose connected to an adequate water supply or other approved fire-extinguishing equipment shall be readily available for extinguishing the fire. Burning material shall be constantly attended by a person knowledgeable of the permit limitations and shall supervise the burning material until the fire has been extinguished. The fire shall not be allowed to burn itself out unattended.

• The chief is authorized to require that burning be immediately discontinued if it is determined that smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of the surrounding property or if the burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

• Not valid until receipt of permit from the Fire Department.

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