Inspection Cover Letter

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Inspection Cover Letter
Dear Business Owner/Manager:
The Muscatine Fire Department responds to well over 3400 incidents every year. Many of these are emergency incidents that occur in business occupancies both during and after business hours.
We are pleased to announce the initiation of a Fire and Life Safety Self-Inspection Program. This program is designed to allow businesses, such as yours, the ability to conduct your own fire inspection. One appealing benefit of this program is you are provided with information to assist in promoting a safer year-round environment for your business and the public.
Your current, confidential emergency contact information will be entered into the computer aided 911 center so that you can be notified in the event of an emergency at your business. That way, if there is an emergency at your business, you can get your business situation back to normal as soon as possible.
Enclosed is a self-Inspection worksheet for your fire inspection that is now due. The form contains necessary information to assist you in identifying the most common Fire Code Violations encountered in businesses similar to yours. It is important that you indentify these items as being deficient, that you correct them in a timely manner and the form be returned to us indicating that you are in full compliance (all items checked “Yes” or “N/A”)
You may perform these inspections as often as you desire, however a reminder and self-inspection worksheet will be mailed to you on an annual basis. Please complete the attached fire and life safety checklist to reduce your risk of an emergency incident. You may return a copy of the completed checklist to us in the self addressed stamped envelope or fax (563-263-5534).
The City of Muscatine and your firefighters are committed to your safety. If you have any questions about this letter, the attached checklist, or if you would like us to visit your business to discuss fire and life safety issues, please contact us at 563-263-9233. Thank you for your support of fire safety in our community.


The Muscatine Fire Department
*A member of the Muscatine Fire Department may stop by at anytime to view your business……….