Ordinances AdOpted after January 1, 2018

Ordinance Number: 94139-0118 (PDF) Building Regulations - Housing Codes

Ordinance Number: 94140-0118 (PDF) Ordinance 94140-0118 Sign Regulations

Ordinance Number: 94150-0218 (PDF) Home Occupations

Ordinance Number: 94151-0218 (PDF) Removal of Possibility of Imprisonment for City Code Violations

Ordinance Number: 94200-0318 (PDF) Housing Urban Revitalization Area

Ordinance Number: 94205-0318 (PDF) Utility Franchise Fee

Ordinance Number: 94207-0318 (PDF) TIF White Distribution

Ordinance Number: 94248-0518 (PDF) Automated Traffic Enforcement

Ordinance Number: 94268-0518 (PDF) Automated Traffic Enforcement

Ordinance Number 94330-0618 (PDF) Allowing Dogs to be Off Leash in City Dog Park

Ordinance Number: 94331-0718 (PDF) Decreasing Utility Franchise Fee

Ordinance Number: 94332-0618 (PDF) Sewer and Collection and Drainage Fees

Ordinance Number: 94334-0618 (PDF) Refuse Collection Fees

Ordinance Number: 94485-0918 (PDF) Update of Electrical Code

Ordinance Number: 94582-1218 (PDF) Automated Traffic Enforcement

Ordinance Number: 2019-0064 (PDF) Increasing Utility Franchise Fee

Ordinance Number: 2019-0078 (PDF) Addition of Title 2, Chapter 14 Public Art Advisory Commission

Ordinance Number: 2019-0103 (PDF) Providing for Division of Taxes Levied on Taxable Property in the Consolidated Muscatine Urban Renewal Area

Ordinance Number: 2019-0104 (PDF) Establishing Refuse Collection Rates

Ordinance Number 2019-0123 (PDF) Extending Alcohol Permit Area on Riverfront

Ordinance Number 2019-0157 (PDF) Amendment to Zoning Ordinance of the City of Muscatine, Iowa

Ordinance Number 2019-0158 (PDF) Amendment to Title 7, Chapter 5 ATE Enforcement

Ordinance Number 2019-0160 (PDF) Amendment to Title 8, Chapter 1 Storm Shelter Requirements

Ordinance Number 2019-0161 (PDF) Amendment to Title 9 Health and Sanitary Chapter 3 Nuisance

Ordinance Number 2019-0236 (PDF) Amendment to Title 8, Chapter 7 Building Regulations Mechanical Code

Ordinance Number 2019-0237 (PDF) Amendment to Title 10, Chapter 4 Section 11 Floodplain Regulations

Ordinance Number 2019-0279 (PDF) Amendment to Title 1, Chapter 10, Section 2 City Officers and Employees

Ordinance Number 2020-0119 (PDF) Amending Rental Housing Code and Relocating the Rental Housing Code and Other Specific Sections of City Code to a Newly Created Title 16

Ordinance Number 2020-0201-Correcting Drafting Error in Section 10-22-1(B)(5)(b) of City Code Regarding  Fences

Ordinance Number 2020-0391 Striking Title 2, Chapter 13 of City Code discontinuing the Convention and Visitors Board

Ordinance Number 2021-0050 Title 6, Chapter 3, Section 13 - Disorderly Conduct

Ordinance Number 2021-0236 Title 9, Chapter 3, Section 3 Prohibiting Parking of Semi Trailers on Residential Parcels

Ordinance Number 2021-0262 Adding Section 15, Chronic Nuisance Property to Title 9, Health and Sanitary Regulations, Chapter 3 Nuisance

Ordinance Number 2021-0427 Amending Title 1, Chapter 5, Precinct and Ward Boundaries

Ordinance Number 2021-0453 Decreasing Utility Franchise Fee Title 14, Chapter 1, Section 7

Ordinance Number 2022-0046 Title 6, Chapter 8 Animal Regulations

Ordinance Number 2022-0063 Title 1, Chapter 2, Standard Penalties

Ordinance Number 2022-0132 Title 1, Chapter 13 Residency Requirements

Ordinance Number 2022-0133  Title 16, Chapter 5, Vacant and Non Residential Property Maintenance Regulations

Ordinance Number 2022-0134 Title 6, Chapter 9, Keeping of Pit Bulls

Ordinance Number 2022-0162 Title 10, Chapter 20 Cargo Containers

Ordinance Number 2022-0163 Title 16, Chapter 8, Weed and Vegetation Management

Ordinance Number 2022-0207 Appendix A - Amendment of Schedule of Penalties

Ordinance Number 2022-0352  Title 7, Chapter 10, Snow Emergency Routes