Zoning Resources

Zoning Ordinances

For information on zoning districts, maps, and use regulations, please refer to Title 10 of the City Code (PDF).

Signs, Canopies & Awning Regulations

A permit is required to erect or construct any sign or awning within the city including:

  • Awnings
  • Canopies
  • Ground signs
  • Marquee signs
  • Post signs
  • Projecting signs
  • Wall signs

A permit fee for each sign or awning shall be charged to the applicant securing the required permit. Please refer to the city's Signs, Canopies, and Awning Regulations (PDF) for more details.

Site Plan Reviews

A site plan review is required for all new construction on undeveloped land in commercial, industrial, and residential districts where remodeling, modification, or alteration will increase the square footage by 50% or more.

Application & Approval

Approval will be made by the Site Plan Review Committee on the basis of the merits of the plan presented as it relates to the guidelines set forth in Ordinance Number 82746 (PDF). A building permit will not be issued prior to the approval of a site plan.

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