Message from the Mayor

Welcome to Muscatine, Iowa, and our state-of-the-art website. Our city was once a leader in the pearl button manufacturing industry and thus earned the name Pearl of the Mississippi. It is very rich in history not just in the pearl button industry but also in the home wood products industry. Today the City of Muscatine is home to HNI, a world leader in office furniture manufacturing; headquarters to Stanley Consultants, a world renowned engineering firm; home of Musco Lighting Products (the pride of NASCAR); Kent Corporation; Heinz USA; and much more. Our future is blessed with public, private, and volunteer achievers that continue to move our city forward.

It is a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, love for this land, and the Great American Way in giving and living in this community that makes Muscatine stand out from all others. We are born to move forward.

Diana L. Broderson
Mayor of Muscatine