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Kent Stein Park


  1. Baseball/Softball Field
  2. Horseshoe Courts
  3. Open Playfield
  4. Picnic Shelters
  5. Picnic Table
  6. Restroom
  7. Slough
  8. Trails
  9. Water

About the Park

Kent-Stein Park contains a total of 66 acres and adjoins an 11-acre slough. Park facilities include:
  • Concession stands (2)
  • Lighted baseball diamonds (8)
  • Lighted softball diamonds (9)
  • Lighted horseshoe courts (9)
  • Picnic areas
  • Restroom facilities
  • Fishing in the slough

Scheduling & Reservations

Diamond scheduling for games, tournaments, camps, and clinics may be requested up to 364 days ahead of time. Exceptions will be made for national, regional, and state events.

Tournaments & Events

Kent-Stein Park plays host to events sponsored by national, state, and local associations involving participants of all ages. Tournaments, games, practices, camps, and clinics are welcome.

The facilities within the Muscatine Parks and Recreation system host a multitude of events throughout the year. This schedule does change quite frequently as events are added, deleted and/or edited. Please check back often for updates!
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Kent Stein Facility Guidelines
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Park Map
Park Map (with dimensions)
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