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Bid Title: Rehabilitation of Future City Owned Real Property
Category: Miscellaneous
Status: Closed

Scope Overview
The City of Muscatine is soliciting proposals from qualified Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Rehabilitators and Historic Building Preservationists for the rehabilitation and construction of real property located in Muscatine, Iowa. The building is locally known as 500 Mulberry. The City of Muscatine is in the process of acquiring the vacant property via State Code 657.A.
Proposals will be evaluated based on the specific plan for the site and building, experience with this type of work, benefit to adjacent property and developer’s financial capacity to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner while providing high quality of workmanship. The bid price and amount requested as an economic incentive grant will be evaluated but cost is not the sole determination in the evaluation. The City reserves the right to select a Developer as it deems fit and further reserves the right to not award the building to a developer.
The City is looking to award title to the property that includes one multi-story commercial building. The City of Muscatine will soon acquire the property and desires disposing of the property for rehabilitation. The City expects construction to begin no more than 60 days after title of the property is awarded to the developer. The City anticipates a schedule being submitted with the proposal that would rehabilitate the exterior of the building in a timeframe not to exceed 180 days, and thereafter multiple phases or milestones being completed on regular bases. Schedules will be a factor of evaluation and a schedule that show that progress will be made on a regular bases will receive a more favorable review.
The City’s objective is to save a historic building from being torn down and to place a vacant building back on the tax rolls as a quality building in Muscatine and to eliminate a building that is a potential danger to the community. The building must be rehabilitated with quality craftsmanship and the building’s exterior must follow the building characteristics of those in the area. If a qualified developer is not interested in the property, the building will be torn down and the property sold for redevelopment.
City Role
The City will have a limited but supportive role in the project. The Developer will still need to follow and meet all building codes and required improvements provided by Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances.
Pre-Bid Meeting
The City of Muscatine Staff will be available for questions and to view the property on Tuesday, March 13th at 10am. We will meet in the grass area south of 5th street across from the property.
Content of Proposals and Developers Submittal Requirements
1. General information
a. Contact information
b. Business information
c. Federal Tax ID No. (If applicable)
d. Contracting licenses
2. Personnel and team information
a. List of all principals
b. List of potential contractors and subcontractors
c. Experience with this type of project (examples)
3. Proposed plan for the site and building
a. Description of the project and end use once project is complete
b. Timeline and phases of the project in-line with city expectations
c. Drawings, plans, renderings or other visual representations of project
4. Financial information
a. Bid price for the building
b. Rehabilitation support request, the City of Muscatine may help support rehabilitation of the building with an economic incentive grant. If you are interested is the support, please make your request here.
c. Project budget
d. Proof of financing, line of credit or financial capacity to undertake the project
e. Demonstrate ability to provide a performance bond to the City of Muscatine to guarantee work will be completed.
f. Demonstrate that you can provide insurance for general liability, auto liability and workers compensation if awarded the property.
5. Special request or support
a. Please list any special request or needs that you may have to facilitate your project being completed to the desired specifications of the City of Muscatine
Manner of Submittal
1. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise description of the developers’ ability to fulfill the requirements.
2. Proposals are to be submitted in a typed format, letter size and no more than 15 pages total.
3. One(1) original proposal marked “Original” and One(1) complete electronic version of the original proposal saved in PDF on CD or USB Drive.
4. Proposals are due to the City of Muscatine Finance Department no later than March 22, 2018 at 4:00pm

Publication Date/Time:
3/2/2018 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/22/2018 4:00 PM
Bid Opening Information:
March 22, 2018 4:05pm

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