What are a participant's responsibilities?
• Decide what you would like to accomplish during the next five years to reach economic independence and self-sufficiency. A good start is to identify what career goals you want to accomplish. The goals and the steps to you need to take to achieve those goals becomes a contract between you and the MMHA/HUD. Also consider it as a promise to yourself.
• Keep MMHA informed about the progress you are making with your contract. Examples of progress might be various training or classes you have taken, job interviews, counseling sessions, and attempts at new employment.
• Live in the MMHA jurisdiction in Section 8 housing at least 12 months from the start of your contract, unless you have been approved to move outside of the MMHA jurisdiction and your contract can be transferred to another housing authority.

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1. What is the escrow account and how does it work?
2. What are a participant's responsibilities?