Automated Traffic Enforcement

Automated System
As most of the media and the citizens of Muscatine are aware, the City of Muscatine has been pursuing the implementation of an Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) program at 5 intersections in the city. The program consists of the ability to detect red light and speeding violations at the selected intersections.

Over the past few months, Gatso USA and their subcontractors have been constructing the necessary equipment at the approaches to the 5 selected intersections. The time has arrived where the cameras will be turned on and a warning period of 30 days will start. The anticipated time table, weather permitting, is:
  • On Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 0001 hours (Friday Night / Saturday Morning) the Automated Traffic Enforcement equipment at Washington St and Park Ave was activated and entered a 30 day warning period.
  • The 30 day warning period for this intersection is coming to an end. Starting on Monday, June 20, 2011 this intersection will stop issuing warning citations and move into the enforcement phase.
Camera Locations
  • Cedar St at Houser (East and West approaches)
  • US Hwy 61 at Mulberry (West bound approach)
  • US Hwy 61 at University Ave (WB approach)
  • Park Ave at Cleveland (N & S approach)
  • Park Ave at Washington (N &S approach)