National Citizen Survey


Developed by the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) and National Research Center, Inc., The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS) is a low-cost citizen survey service for local governments. Tested, flexible, affordable, and efficient, The NCS lets you survey citizen opinion for the following:
* Program Planning
* Budgeting
* Goal Setting
* Performance Measurement

Staff can use the results of The NCS to improve service delivery. Elected officials can use the results to set spending priorities. The manager can use the results to measure progress and chart future steps.

You select from a set of standard questions to assess citizen opinion about basic services and community life. Additional customized questions let you tailor the survey to your unique needs. A new feature of The NCS' basic service is the Key Driver Analysis, which helps you identify those attributes most likely to increase resident opinion of your local government's performance.

An additional benefit to NCS participants who also participate in the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement™ (CPM), is that The NCS was designed to coordinate with the CPM data collection. Thus, local governments can submit citizen satisfaction data obtained through The NCS survey instrument to CPM along with their other performance measurement data.

View the NCS results for the City of Muscatine (PDF) and to view the NCS Benchmark Report for the City of Muscatine (PDF).

For more information concerning The NCS please visit:

National Research Center