Projects Currently Underway

Mulberry Avenue Reconstruction Project

Update as of January 9, 2017
: This project is mostly completed except for some final detail work.

West Hill Sewer Separation Project - Phase 3

Phase 3 project was awarded on April 16, 2015 to Hagerty Earthworks, LLC of Muscatine, Iowa in the amount of $4,988,688.00.  

Update as of May 22, 2017:  

W. 4th Street between Cedar and Chestnut is closed to traffic. Cedar and Chestnut are open.  Sewer work in that area is substantially complete.  It will remain closed for a few more weeks.  East 4th from Cedar up to but not including the Sycamore St. intersection has been paved. The next block, from Sycamore to the Iowa intersection will be paved during the week of May 22nd. When the last of the sewer work is done in the 4th & Iowa intersection, the rest of that part of the project up to Chestnut will be graded and paved. Once the sidewalks and driveways in each block are completed the street will be re-opened to traffic. The 4th Street Park area is next for sewer work.

Access on W. 4th Street between Locust and Cherry Street is limited and may be closed at any time. However, the driving surface is less-than-ideal so caution must be taken. Avoid the area if possible. MPW is nearing completion of their water main work up and around the park and up through the Cherry/W. 4th St. intersection. When the sewer work begins nearer the end of May the road around the park will be closed. Parking restrictions will be posted in advance as they move around the park.

For more information or updated information, call Steve Dalbey at 563-299-2888. 

Background Information:
In 2004 Stanley Consultants Inc. signed a contract with the city to proceed with a study and projects for the West Hill area. On September 5, 2007 the city received a stamped Consent Order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requiring that by December 31, 2010 the city would “submit to EPA and IDNR a report describing the projects needed to complete the separation of the remaining combined portions of the sewer system including the West Hill area”. The report “shall include a schedule and estimated cost for completing each project identified therein, and an update on the city’s plans for financing the projects”. Further, “By DECEMBER 31, 2024, completed all projects described . . . above”. Four projects have been identified, each estimated at $15 million to be implemented over the next 14 years to comply with the December 31, 2024 Consent Order date.

Asphalt Overlay Program 2016

Bids were accepted and a contract was awarded to Illowa Investments, Inc. of Blue Grass, IA on July 7, 2016 in the amount of $630,803.64.    

In 2016, we overlaid 2.3 miles of city streets with asphalt including:
E. 9th St from Mulberry to Cedar
Burnside Dr. from Mulberry to the Dead End
Logan Street from Pinefield to just past Dillaway
Hill Ave from McKinley St. to Jefferson St.
James St. from Lucas St. to Allen St.
Dick Drake Way from Stewart Rd to start of concrete
Weed Park Maintenance Drive
Bridgeman - Fletcher St. to Dead End
Kemble - Fletcher St. to Dead End
Nyenhuis - Fletcher St. to Dead End
George St. - Green St. to Dead End
Brook St. - E. 2nd St. to Dead End
Lombard St. - E. 2nd St. to E. 4th St.
E. 4th St - Lombard to Dead End
E. 6th St. - Poplar St. to Oak St. and Mulberry Ave. to Orange St.
W. 5th St - Broadway to Cherry and Locust St. to Spruce St.
#1 Alley (CBDG Project) - Cedar St. to Iowa Ave.
#6 Alley - Mulberry Ave. to Orange St.
#8 Alley - Poplar St. to Cypress St.  

Sidewalk Program 2016

Five bids were received for the 2016 Sidewalk Program.   Contract was awarded to the low bidder, Heuer Construction, on October 6, 2016 in the amount of $141,909.15.     New Sidewalk construction was completed in the following areas:

Second Avenue from Lake Park to McArthur
McArthur St.from 2nd Ave. to Lincoln Blvd.
Lincoln Blvd. from McArthur St. to Harrison St.
Harrison St. from 1st Ave. to Grand Ave.