Branding - A Turn For The Better

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A brand for the community

A Brand Narrative was developed using artistic language to set the emotional tone for the brand. Its purpose is to help visitors, stakeholders, merchants, attractions, and organizations connect the emotional story of the brand to their own situations.

The dynamics of the Muscatine workforce was the catalyst of discussions between several major entities including the City of Muscatine, Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Muscatine Power & Water, Muscatine Community School District, Muscatine Community College, and Unity Point-Trinity Muscatine that debated ways to market Muscatine as the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Below is link(s) to documents that will be an introduction into the results of this re-branding effort. The goal is to market our community and promote our story through a partnership with the community.

GMCCI PPT ImageFinal Brandprint Report image

Final Creative Report image

    GMCCI Presentation DRAFT                Northstar Final Presentation                 Northstar Creative Report

Research and Strategy ReportResearch & Branding Report


American City & County cover

Muscatine has a lot in common with Gallatin, Tenn., according to article in American City and County magazine.  Check out the article HERE.