Kent Stein Park to Deep Lakes Park Trail

This project was awarded at the City Council meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2017 to Illowa Investment, Inc. of Blue Grass in the amount of  $1,198,197.30. 

Update - July 28, 2017

Work on the the approximately four-mile Kent Stein to Deep Lakes Park trail is progressing with the contractor continuing to grade along Stewart Road . The contractor has also placed 1,000 lineal feet of millings at the start of the trail in Deep Lakes Park, 1,900 lineal feet at the end of the trail in Deep Lakes Park, and 2,600 lineal feet along the railroad tracks parallel to Grandview Avenue.The area behind Dick Drake Way has also been cleared. Ahead is more grading along Stewart Road and placing of mor emillings in Deep Lakes Park and along Stewart Road.

Illowa Investment, Inc., is the general contractor with DeLong Construction and Taylor Fencing the subcontractors.